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The KMØ team presents its innovative projects !

Open Lab 5G at KMØ : KM5G


KM5G is a project that aims to respond to the changes in the industrial sector through the adoption of 5G.

Several entities have come together around the project: e-nov Campus, the association that runs the KMØ innovation center, Trinaps, Bouygues Télécom and IBM, sharing a common vision of the technological disruption of the industrial sector through the opportunities of 5G.


Our mission :

The creation of a 5G laboratory at KMØ will enable remote control : training, maintenance and control of machines, processes or systems. And on the other hand, to meet the future demands of customers by innovating the industrial production system.


Objectives :

  • To become a place of exchange and sharing of knowledge on 5G ensuring the interconnection of industrialists and SMEs.
  • Support industrial companies in the life cycle of 5G uses.
  • Allow manufacturers to retain control of their data with the implementation of a dedicated and secure infrastructure.

AIDA, Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis

A project imagined by the Club des Locomotives that aims for excellence in artificial intelligence and data analysis for the industry.

5 industrial companies are active in the AIDA consortium.

Missions :

The ” AIDA Consortium ” will accelerate learning and increase the pace of digital transformation in the industrial sector by experimenting and sharing available and appropriate AI technologies with other industrial companies. The AIDA joint laboratory is a key element of this acceleration and a place where industry can contribute and conduct open collaboration.

AIDA will play a leading role in the Greater Region in the field of AI for industry.

Objectives  :

  • Create a common laboratory for learning and collaboration
  • Accelerate the digital transformation of the industry by experimenting with AI technologies

Digital Line

A 100%  new training program, dedicated to young digital enthusiasts (web development, photo, video or graphic design) who do not necessarily fit into the boxes, but have developed their talents as self-taught.

Objectives :

  • Provide a 7-month practical training course in digital professions (creative & technical)
  • Promote the professional integration of school dropouts

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R2D2 Project, drone business

The first training school for drone pilots has opened in KMØ. A 3-year course in a fast-growing sector of the future.

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