The will to create a digital pole in Alsace gives birth to KMØ. Various actors of the territory have come together to develop the digital economy of the region.

Getting together is essential today to express your genius and be heard. The KMØ innovation place represents a real opportunity to develop projects, startups and companies.

Why KMØ ?

The Kilometer Zero is the particular point in the city of Mulhouse from which the railway distance is counted. SACM is at the heart of the first international railroad line in Europe, launched by the Mulhouse pioneer Nicolas Koechlin between Strasbourg and Basel in 1841.

A line between Mulhouse and Thann was previously inaugurated and served as a first test on September 1, 1839. The departure of this line is located in the SACM building, renamed KMØ (kilometer zero) in 2014.

Building 23, SACM

History of the kilometer Ø

Mulhousians remember the glory of modernity and industry, with the evolution of machines of the time : weaving looms, gas engines, diesel engines. SACM was a symbol of innovation, collaboration and exchange : these buildings are therefore the ideal place to create a strong digital district.

Since 2000, the South Alsace region has seen a strong development of the digital sector with the creation of numerous local companies (some of which are international in scope). On the other hand, the region offers many digital training courses, including e-nov Campus and the professional degree in Web referencing and editing. It is therefore quite natural that KMØ was born in Mulhouse, following the example of the Rhénatic cluster, which brings together a hundred Alsatian digital companies.

KMØ is located on a large industrial wasteland, in building 23. This one is located in the westernmost strip of the complex, bordered on the outside (west) by the Mulhouse – Strasbourg railway line. It was the assembly workshop for the spinning machines, built in 1896 by the contractors Gustave Roos (masonry) and Auguste Haensler (carpentry and locksmithing).

A link between the past and the future, this building is intended to become the center of innovation, digital and technology. The old production workshops have been rehabilitated in memory of the pioneers of the industrialization of Mulhouse.

A strategic location

KMØ has a strategic location thanks to its exceptional geographical situation, close to the borders and very easily accessible to Mulhouse. KMØ is easy to get to on foot, by train, by bike, by bus, by streetcar, and even by plane from the EuroAirport. KMØ is a 12-minute walk from the TGV train station and 35 minutes from the airport !

This location allows KMØ to be part of a responsible ecological and digital dynamic : whatever the place of residence of employees or visitors, it will be easy to get there via less polluting means.

KMØ is located near the Université de Haute Alsace, less than 10 minutes from Mulhouse train station and 30 minutes from an international airport.

KMØ is not intended to be limited to Alsace or even France : on the contrary, it is a place imagined to go beyond borders. Partnerships are being built with neighboring countries (Germany and Switzerland), for training and collaboration between companies in the three countries. Foreign startups will be able to establish themselves at KMØ : KM1, 2, 3… can even be created abroad : in Basel, then in Freiburg…

A brick architecture full of history

The place has a great potential for its architecture also : a building ” all-bricks “, half cathedral, half castle composed of 3 naves.

It is important not to distort the place. Spacious, it can accommodate both the machine and the man. Surrounded by greenery, this place of reflection is located in a pleasant and attractive setting. KMØ is an ambition to match the premises and their history.

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