Club Des Locomotives

The Club Des Locomotives is the innovation laboratory for industrial companies. It is at the heart of the KMØ ecosystem. Created in May 2017 within the e-nov Campus association (the KMØ facilitator), it has about 15 members in 2018. Club Des Locomotives meetings are held 3 to 5 times a year with an expert guest.

Club Des Locomotives

A double objective : supporting manufacturers and startups

Accompanying the digital transformation of manufacturers on the one hand, and supporting the development of digital companies on the other hand : the entire KMØ ecosystem has been designed around this double challenge.

Club Des Locomotives is the perfect tool to detect the needs of industrial companies and provide them with digital solutions. Club Des Locomotives has adopted a unique approach in this sense.

The Club Des Locomotives, a shared innovation laboratory

The Club Des Locomotives allows its members to go to the end of their innovation and digitalization process by networking with the with KMØ residents (companies, training, investment funds…), and the mutualization of resources. It promotes :

  • Inspiration, with the intervention of experts on promising topics and participation in workshops and workshops on the introduction of new technologies,
  • Collaboration between companies to reflect on common issues and detect new avenues for development,
  • Experimentation of new tools in the manner of a business laboratory, followed by feedback and sharing of experiences.

Digital transformation in industry

Digital transformation is the very basis of KMØ. It intervenes at all levels : dematerialization of offers, prospecting, customer relations, production, maintenance…

To lead this transformation, you need to be well surrounded. KMØ is the place where everyone meets in Mulhouse : it allows industrial companies to get inspired, discover market opportunities, get trained, be put in touch with the experts they need.

Les membres du Club des locomotives