At KMØ, a foundation to generate vocations

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Co-founded by four business leaders, the new KMØ Foundation, created in the bosom of the Mulhouse digital industry ecosystem, aims to support training courses enabling talented people from all walks of life to move into high-voltage jobs.

The Fondation de France, which houses the KMØ Foundation, guarantees the proper management of the funds and the use made of them. The KMØ Foundation was born on the basis of this observation : ” In our company, or at least in most of them, we have jobs for which we have difficulty recruiting, while there are people who want to work, who have skills, but do not have the appropriate training “observes Yannick Etter.
The first two training structures that the foundation has chosen to support are located within KMØ : The Digital Linewhich allows its students to consolidate and broaden the digital skills they have acquired so far on their own, and the school of computer science 42 MulhouseThe program is based on peer-to-peer learning and is free for students.
The Foundation which starts with 200 000€ of commitment, aims of course also ” to develop other formations ” and not only within KMØ, with the help of the founders and other lecens who will join them. Contributions to the foundation will be eligible for tax reductions.

You can read the full article from the newspaper ” L’Alsace ” below.

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