School 42 Mulhouse recruits its first class

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Mulhouse : Xavier Niel’s 42 school recruits its first class

Inaugurated in 2019, KMØ brings together some 40 companies, start-ups and industrial ETIs. In addition, there are several training centers, including a 42 school.

Article written by Les Echos and Bénédicte WEISS – July 16, 2021

After Paris, Lyon, Nice and Angoulême, the fifth 42 school campus in France will be in Mulhouse. The training facility is in the process of recruiting its first learners, with about 50 eligible at this time. Three four-week admission tests will be held between now and February 2022 to train an initial class of 80 to 150. Launched by Free boss Xavier Niel in 2013, the 42 schools are free and accessible with no degree requirements or age limits. Their pedagogy is based on a participatory mode, from ” peer to peer “.

The Mulhouse campus will be located at KMØ, a place that brings together industrial and digital players, which will open in 2019 in the walls of a former loom factory. It is home to some 40 companies ranging from start-ups to ETIs, plus three other training organizations : the Centre national des arts et métiers, Epitech and Ligne numérique, a second chance school for young people who have dropped out of school.

Industrial vocation

According to Patrick Rein, CEO and co-founder of KMØ, Ecole 42 meets a need of companies. It allows for retraining and the development of dual skills. ” A mechanic or a plumber training in computer science can become very interesting for a manufacturer ” he illustrates. ” The industry needs developers “says Caroline Porot, campus manager.

For the time being, the majority of eligible candidates are from Alsace. ” We will focus in the coming weeks on other parts of the Grand Est region because the school has a regional vocation “, comments Caroline Porot. In terms of job opportunities, learners will also be invited to look to neighboring Germany and Switzerland. Exchanges are underway with the attractiveness agency of Freiburg (Germany). The school has planned to invest 700,000 euros in its computer equipment. The annual operating cost is estimated at 800,000 to 850,000 euros. The Grand Est, the European Community of Alsace, the agglomeration and the city of Mulhouse financially support the school, which should diversify its resources towards the private sector in the coming years.


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