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Jean Rottner, mayor of Mulhouse, calls his city the ” city of intelligence “. A symbol announcing a new project of which the KMØ will be a part.

April 8, 2016 : a Mulhouse-Montreal meeting

Mulhouse Tour de l'Europe

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It was in Montreal that Jean Rottner met last week (April 8) with the director of the Office of the Smart and Digital City, Stéphane Goyette. On the agenda : the digital economy and the development of smart cities. And we can say that Montreal is already ahead of the game, as it is ranked in the top 8 of the world’s “Best Places to Work”. smart cities ” ! Jean Rottner visited Montreal locations that could inspire KMØ’s operation, such as L’Esplanade and InnoCité, two spaces dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in the development of their project.

The concept of smart cities

The emerging concept of smart cities is based on improving the quality of life of citizens through the use of technologies that meet the requirements of the agglomeration. The application of technologies to everyday life is then multidimensional, relating to economic, social and environmental domains.

The KMØ, extension of the digital essence of Mulhouse

KM0 startup space

KM0 startup space

The city of Mulhouse has been using digital components in its daily life for some time now. For example, high-speed WiFi has been installed to make life easier for citizens and tourists. Walkers can now use broadband at their leisure if they want to book a table, check the opening hours of a store or museum, or find out the schedule of the nearest cinema.

In addition to its free WiFi service, the city of Mulhouse also offers you the possibility of paying for your parking with your cell phone, via the free application ” Mulhouse Parking “. Other applications, such as ” Iri ! ” (translation : ” I’m going ! ” in Esperanto) locate for you the surrounding services. Interfaces that are very practical, especially for transportation.

These initiatives make Mulhouse a city at the heart of technological innovation, whoseobjective of digital development continues with the KMØ site. As a potential hub linking the competitiveness clusters of Mulhouse and Montreal, the KMØ would promote the creation of a joint economic strategy between the two cities. Data exchange, experience sharing in terms of mobility, social innovation approaches… the adventure has just begun !

Find all the information on the Franco-Quebec partnership on the DNA website.

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