The Lou by Wudo application, a great example of collaboration within KMØ

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Lou by Wudo is a mobile community application dedicated to the professional world. It promotes mutual aid and networking within professional networks. Wudo, a KMØ startup, has designed this mobile application to help pros develop the community reflex in order to respond to challenges related to the economic, social, environmental, political or technological context. It allows you to connect, request help or recommend people you trust. In this article, we will introduce the project and show you how Wudo collaborated with the different structures within KMØ to also receive help within its trusted network in Mulhouse.


Who is Wudo ?


Wudo is a startup founded in 2019 offering digital and community advisory solutions. The startup is composed of 17 employees located in Mulhouse, in the KMØ ecosystem, and in Besançon, in the Village by CA bisontin.


Today, Wudo supports more than 7,000 companies in their professional community projects and promotes collaboration within them. Wudo offers a collaborative digital platform to manage communities, transmit information, create events and set up collaborative projects. Secondly, it recently proposed a community mobile application. This application aims to promote trust within professional networks by encouraging mutual aid and networking. Finally, Wudo offers a consulting service in community animation and training in community building.


A community mobile application designed for all professionals


Lou by Wudo is the result of aUX research study to define the needs of professionals in the market in terms of community building.

This study has highlighted a need that has not yet been addressed on the  market: the establishment of relationships, mutual aid and recommendations within B2B communities. In response, Lou by Wudo stands out for its innovation in use.


Its features have been designed for the professional world, they consist of :

  • Develop a network of trust
  • Simply connect the dots
  • Ask for help in finding a new provider, developing an idea, recruiting, legislation etc.
  • Find new partners

Finally, Lou offers the possibility to build a real network of trust and becomes a real everyday tool for its users.


Lou by Wudo, a collaborative project above all


The collaboration between Wudo and the people of KMØ began long before Lou was created. Indeed, Wudo is one of the startups accelerated by Le Village by CA and supported by Grand E-Nov+. Also, in 2020 and 2022 respectively, it will raise funds from several investors, including Cetim Grand Est, also a KMØ resident.


Wudo solicited several companies within KMØ for this project.

First of all, the startup welcomes several students from the Epitech school, a reference in IT expertise, digital and innovation training.


In addition, Wudo has worked with Impact Positif on the notion of user experience or UX Design. Their collaboration allowed us to build the application in such a way that it would best meet the expectations of the users. Impact Positif brought its expertise in HMI ergonomics and information architecture. She also helped Wudo to imagine a differentiating and engaging application for future users, in a collaborative innovation approach inspired by Design Thinking.


More recently, for Lou’s launch party, Wudo worked with the KMØ team to organize the event, the restaurant The Pantograph for the catering of the guests as well as The ACM Studio for taking photos and videos throughout the evening. If you wish, you can watch theaftermovie of the evening on YouTube !


Finally, Wudo sought Sales Tonic ‘s support to improve its sales skills during a prospecting training course.




The Lou application, beyond being a project promoting mutual aid, is in fact itself a collaborative project born in the Grand Est thanks to the multitude of skills present within KMØ. Unlike traditional social networks, Lou by Wudo guarantees a unique world of trust and proximity.

Don’t wait any longer, createyour community for free and get started !

KMØ also wishes to create a Lou community within its ecosystem, this will undoubtedly be the best way to offer residents a quick and accessible mutual aid solution to accelerate innovations !

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