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The journey of Mehdi Boswingel, a Mulhouse resident, ” dropout ” who became an entrepreneur

Coming from the Digital Line, an alternative training for school dropouts, Mehdi Boswingel, 23 years old, created his activity as a photographer and videographer, opened a studio and has now set up his communication agency.

Article produced by l’Alsace and Isabelle LAINÉ – May 17, 2021 at 18:30

Mehdi Boswingel, photographer and videographer from the Digital Line, has developed his company into a communication agency. Photo L’Alsace /Isabelle LAINE

” Officially, I went to the 3rd grade.  “explains Mehdi Boswingel. In fact, to get to this point, the young man had to go to a boarding school in the Doubs after being expelled from his school in Brunstatt. ” I lived in a working class neighborhood and my mother thought I was in bad company. “

After leaving school without a diploma, Mehdi started by doing a few ” food jobs. I worked in a chicha. I was taking their photos and videos. “

Because if the basic learning of the school did not interest him, Mehdi very quickly developed a passion for the image. ” I loved to film. I was making videos with my phone or with the camera that could be put on the PSP (PlayStation portable Editor’s note). My aunt had lent me a compact camera. I saved up to buy my first SLR, a Canon 1100D with an 18-55 lens. My mother had helped me a little. “

Since she likes this field, why not train to be a photographer ? ” I started an apprenticeship at CFA Mermoz in St. Louis and worked at Mr. Diemer’s. But after one year, he retired and the feeling did not pass with the buyer. “As a result, the young man will not pass his professional baccalaureate.

The e-nov campus network

Back in the working world, he helps his uncle, a plumber in Mulhouse. ” One day, a friend in Canada sent me a message to tell me about the Digital Line, a training program for dropouts. I stayed there for 9 months and I realized when I saw the speakers that it was possible to live with photography and video. I thought : why not me ! “

After the Digital Line, Mehdi becomes a ”  e-noveur  “, a status offered by the e-nov campus that helps entrepreneurs. ” I had my offices at KM0 prototype, next to the train station. If I had questions about quotes, invoices, finding clients, the trainers could help me. “

When he started his microbusiness, it was a Digital Line alumnus, Terence, from PHG Gaming School, who became his first client. ” That was in 2017. Then I started to work for KM0 and I had to follow the steps of the construction site. For the installation of the electricity and cables, I made a video that worked very well. To this day, I still have contracts that come from that realization. “

For the young entrepreneur, the next step was to move into his own studio, located between the New Basin and Rue de Bâle. ” My activity is divided for half to the photo and the other half to the video. I work mostly with companies or communities. I also have private clients. It’s good for fun, but it’s a lot of time on a small budget. “

All company communication

And for the past month, Mehdi Boswingel has transformed the One studio into One com. ” It’s an agency that still does photo and video but also websites, design, logos, marketing strategy. We mostly do commercials. “

To do everything, the young man surrounded himself with a developer, Mohamed Benfriha, but also with Laura Boeglin, a graphic designer on an internship as part of his multimedia DUT, and Guillaume Rudin, a video maker. ” They were both at the Ligne numérique and were my students. “Because just out of his training, the photographer became involved as a speaker in the course he had taken himself. ” Making a living from this profession is complicated. If I can help them, why not ? Many young people are motivated but do not have the potential to sell themselves. If with each new Digital Line class, I can help one young person, I do. “

Since its creation, the agency One communication has already signed several quotes, including one with a gym. ” They want the whole package with the creation of the website, the logo, the communication… This is the kind of thing I want to achieve. Follow up and accompany the companies. I already have quite a few ideas with always an artistic part. “

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