[INTERVIEW] Christian Arguelles: “KMØ is a model to be inspired by and especially to try to duplicate”.

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Christian Arguelles, Head of the MatternLab in Sochaux came to meet Patrick Rein.

MatternLab is a new third place oriented Innovation Industry 4.0, to support SMEs in their digital transformation and digital process. The objective is to create an ecosystem for the Belfort/Héricourt/Montbéliard Urban Area to bring synergy between companies, universities, research labs and SMEs.

” My mission is to animate MatternLab by mobilizing the different actors around common projects and issues through conferences, thematic visits of companies, theoretical and practical workshops…

Since my beginnings at MatternLab, I have heard a lot about KMØ and always in a positive way. Following my visit of this place, guided by Patrick Rein, I was impressed by what has been achieved in such a short time and in a period that I would qualify as ” not obvious at all ” (COVID). In addition, a majority of the small and medium-sized businesses located in the area are well-known companies. What touched me were the values that led to the creation of KMØ : the first tenant was the Digital Line, a school for young people who are out of school but who spend their time behind a computer and have developed real expertise. Now KMØ is an undeniable asset for the attractiveness of Mulhouse and Alsace (the proof, the establishment of the 42 school). For MatternLab, KMØ is a model to be inspired by and especially to try to duplicate. “

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