International Women’s Rights Day

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Ada LOVELACE, invented the 1st computer program in 1843 💻
Grace HOPPER, created the 1st modern programming language (binary > English) in 1952 👩💻
Hedy LAMARR, launched frequency hopping, a technology based on Bluetooth and Wifi, in 1942 📡
Margaret Hamilton designed the onboard guidance system task prioritization software for the Apollo 11 mission space program in 1969 🚀

These women, whose names are not well known, are pioneers of the computer world. Their innovations are the basis of today’s tools. According to Numérama : in 1978, there were 50 % women in computer science school, in 2019 there are only 10 %.


On the occasion of the International Women’s Rights Day, we had the honor to welcome the association Femmes du Haut-Rhin and Femmes d’Alsace, who met to raise awareness about the diversification of careers in the digital sector.

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