Fire training for KMØ residents

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The organization FI2S Formation Incendie Santé Sécurité delivered yesterday afternoon a training course to KMØ’s tenant companies. Two representatives from each company participated.

Residents ready to fight a potential fire !

The ” Fire Fighting ” training was first of all an opportunity to review the basics :

  • the fire triangle,
  • fire classes (from A to F),
  • the modes of propagation of a fire,
  • safety instructions (alarm, evacuation, prevention…).
fire prevention

One of the participants listens carefully to the trainer’s explanations

During this session, participants also learned or re-learned the best practices for putting out a fire :

  • Which extinguishing agents are suitable for which classes of fire ?
  • How to use fire extinguishers properly ?
fire training

Let’s train, under the watchful eye of the other inhabitants of KMØ

FI2S is a training organization based in Ensisheim, and partner of the Alsace Brand.

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