DSM dematerializes its pump inspection with Actricity

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DSM looked to KMØ for a solution to improve maintenance and secure the production process.

Actricity has been chosen for the the ease of use of the mobile application, the possibility of consult technical documents in mobile mode, the gamification, the possibilities ofThe use of data for predictive maintenance, the offline and online mode (Online/Offline with automatic synchronization), theinterfacing with Business Intelligence or ERP solutions (SAP), theuse of barcodes (or QR-code) or the flexibility of the solution. Thus, Actricity was able to respond positively to these various requirements.

The application will be deployed at the Village-Neuf site in all workshops requiring equipment inspection, to meet the need for pump rounds within the site’s production. A total of about 1,200 pumps will be inspected on a weekly basis and digitized and summarized reports will be sent to the maintenance department as well as to the workshop managers concerned.

Thanks to KMØ, Atricity is very happy to count DSM among its members and thanks them for their trust.

A few words about Actricity
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