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We are in a fast-paced environment ♻️
Some news can’t wait a month to be published or they will be obsolete. The impact of a LinkedIn post is on average 10 times greater than the same article published in a newsletter.
That’s why, as of September, you will only find #KMØ news on our social networks and our website !

Did you know that ? 💡

Worldwide, 281 billion emails are sent every day. One email represents 4g of CO2 equivalent, so 140 million tons of CO2 are emitted. By comparison, global air travel, meanwhile, produced 859 million tons of CO2 in 2017, according to IATA 🌏
One newsletter is the equivalent of 10g of CO2. At the KMØ level, with about 1000 newsletters sent per month, this represents the equivalent of 360km/year on average driven by car.

Efficiency of our communication and reduction of our carbon footprint, convinced us to replace the newsletter with a presence on social networks 💪

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